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Acronis Backup & Recovery 11 - Runtime Error

Thread needs solution
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using backup and recovery 11 server on a win2008server system and got this problem:

BR11 crashes at startup from one day to the other. runtime error on managementconsole.exe

its exactly the same error like in this topic but the solution is only provided through pm's from Yana:

please help asap :-)

thank you very much for your effort :-)

regards thomas

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If the build is less than 17437, it may be a crash while checking for updates, which can be workarounded by turning updates off in windows registry. If the build is 17437 or above, or if disabling updates didn't help, collect a dump of managementconsole as described in (if "requested to terminate in unusal way... " window appeared) or (if it stops and standard windows 'application stopped working' window appears) . Don't forget to use 64-bit taskmanager if your OS is 64-bit.
The registry file to import is attached. Note that it imports in HKEY_CURRENT_USER branch and needs to be applied foe the user that runs the console.

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