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Acronis Backup Recovery Failure

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Please give me an urgent assistance!

We have been using Acronis together with Windows Server 2016 in our on premise server. I have an urgent questions I would like to ask you please. 

On the last week, our server, which we usually access through the remote desktop protocol, has suddenly met with some trouble and we are unable to access to the server all the days until this time. Therefore, I tried to recover the system drive by using the Acronis Cyber Backup. However, I failed to recover the system. It maybe related to the following two error messages, I saw one error message "It failed to read the data from disk", when I started the system recovery process. The second error message I met with is the following one. "no raid disk. Reading all physical volumes. This may take a while... /bin/start-startd: line 11: flock: not found". It just appeared when I just rebooted the system to prepare for the system recovery. 

Since I am a system manager of this server, and there are several users waiting for my recovery. Because of it, I truly have to fix the problems of Acronis, and have to recover our server asap. 

Best regards,
Tatsuru Kikuchi

Tatsuru Kikuchi
Faculty of Economics, The University of Tokyo
7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 113-8654
M: +81 80 3641 9973
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Acronis Support
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Dear Tatsuru Kikuchi,
If you need help as soon as possible you have to contact our support because the public forum is not an official support channel but mostly the platform for discussions and knowledge sharing.

You are always welcome to contact Acronis support team here: Customer Service and Support (

We are always happy to help you