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Backup Failures

Thread needs solution
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Every couple of days I get the attached error message

Error message on the backups. Then the backups work for a couple of days, then fail again.

I also noticed that when I got in to the Buffalo device that it is backing up to it will tell me the username or password is wrong. but then if I click "Secure Connection" instead of "Log in" it will log me in as admin. I tried resetting the password on the device and that did not resolve this. I thought that it could be related. Any insight is appreciated!

Version 11.5

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Hello Derek,

welcome to Acronis forums!

The activity log that you've shared show network connection problems: 

The specified network name is no longer available

Please try to change the backup destination to another network location and any local folder for testing purposes.

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I will do that! because it is an intermittent issue I will monitor it for a few days and let you know if that fixes it. Thank you! Have a great weekend.