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Backup kann nicht Validiert werden

Thread needs solution
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habe das Problem das Acronis das Backup welches ohne Fehler durchläuft nicht Validieren kann ich habe euch das Log mal hier eingefügt:


Validieren des Archivs fehlgeschlagen. Zusätzliche Info: --------------------

Fehlercode: 208 Module: 161 Zeileninfo: b320396adfe3c17 Felder:  IsReturnCode : 1, $module : disk_bundle_vs_38350 Nachricht: Validieren des Archivs fehlgeschlagen. --------------------

Fehlercode: 110 Module: 161 Zeileninfo: fa6ac65d19a9787e Felder:  $module : disk_bundle_vs_38350 Nachricht: Validieren des Archivs 'vmwesx_saab' fehlgeschlagen. --------------------

Fehlercode: 1060 Module: 1 Zeileninfo: 145a191bfe9050bf Felder:  $module : disk_bundle_vs_38350 Nachricht: Keine auszuführende Aktion. --------------------


Wie kann ich das beheben ?

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Hello Philip,

thank you for your posting!

  1. Try to recover the image. If recovery also fails with the same error the please refer to troubleshooting steps below.
  2. Move the image to local internal drive to eliminate any possible interventions. Validate it from there. If it fails too, go to troubleshooting steps below.
  3. Try to validate the image in question from another machine of from bootable media. If any of these steps fail too, go to troubleshooting steps below.

If the image can be successfully validated in another location, under bootable media or can be restored, it is not corrupted, but the validation operation gives incorrect result, the issue should be investigated with the help of Acronis support team. 

If any of the above steps fails, it means that the backup archive might be physically corrupted. To troubleshoot issues with corrupted backups, please follow Troubleshooting Issues with Corrupt Backups.

As workaround you can copy the corrupt backup archive to the internal hard disk drive (if the backup is on an external resource/media) and start the recovery. Also mount or explore the backup archive and try to restore files or folders from it.