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Backup Plan ends up on wrong ESXi host Acronis Agent

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I have an Acronis environment that I inherited with too many issues to list here but my most recent one is that I have a backup plan that is getting copied over and running from the wrong Acronis ESXi agent.

I have 3 ESXi Hosts. Lets call them A, B, & C

For Acronis, I have a Windows Server 2008R2x64 server that is running the Management server and console. Lets call this server "ACRN01"

ACRN01 has 2 mapped drives X and Y that are set up as shares in windows. They are actually iSCSI connections to an ancient unsupported EMC AX4-5i SAN.

I dont have any Acronis Central vaults, instead the X and Y drives are set up as Personal Vaults in Acronis which I can't see from within the console, I can only view those if I directly connect to the individual Acronis ESXi Agents for A, B, & C.

I have a total of 25 backup plans for 25 vm servers.

I have a backup plan for a windows server 2008r2 domain controller that we will call "AD01".

Server "AD01" lives on ESXi host "A" and always has.

Instead of the backup plan for "AD01" being visible from Acronis Agent "A" like it should be, it is showing up on Acronis Agent "C" instead.


I have deleted the backup plan from the Acronis console multiple times, rebooted the Acronis Management Server and all 3 Acronis Linux agents at the same time and every time I create a new backup plan for "AD01" it keeps showing up on agnet "C" instead of agent "A".


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance!!

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Hi Chris,

In your case it looks like that "AD01" machine is automatically bind to Agent "C" instead of Agent "A" which may happen depending on the amount of VMs on the hosts and other conditions. You can manually adjust the VM binding (VM->Agent which will be backing it up) as described here:

This should do the trick.

An alternative way is to create backup plans while connected to each agent for ESXi individually instead of connecting to Acronis Management Server. This will also enforce backup plan execution on specific agent only.

Thank you.