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Backup&Recover Mini PCI Compact Flash (CF) Cards

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We are using Acronis True Image Corporate Workstation 8.0 to create Backup images of Compact Flash Cards with 256MB size. This Backups can be recovered to an empty CF card if it is exactly the same type&manufacturer.
But problems appear when we try to transfer the image to CF cards of other suppliers, although the size is the same.
Can anyone say whether newer versions of Acronis True Image support the transfer of images between different CF cards?
Or does anyone have experience with Acronis True Image and CF cards?

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Hello Rolf,

Thank you for using [[ | Acronis Corporate Products]]

Could you please let us know the exact moment of the recovery failure? Could you please also let us know the functionality of the flash drives?  Do they contain the data files, or do you use them as a bootable media?

Thank you.

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Hello Rolf,

I do disk backups and restores using compact flash media under Echo Workstation v9 after build 8163. The cards I use are bootable media running Windows XP. The imaging engine in this version does come up with an error "failed to synchronize the disk with the operating system" at the end of the restoration under the Acronis Windows software using a USB media card or PC card reader. The explanation from Acronis is the particular module in the software does not know how to handle disk backups on removable media. If you ignore this error, the media will boot, but this also requires a reboot of your PC. I haven't tried the new version (AB&R 10) to see if this problem is fixed. If you are only moving files, then I suggest you do a data backup and restore. This should work on the same size media or larger in my testing.