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Cannot mount image

Thread needs solution
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I am unable to mount an image from Acronis Backup.

I start Acronis backup and chose Mount Image.  From the dialog which opens after selecting Source Archive, I navigate to my USB drive and to the folder where the backup was created.

The dialog, by default has Show Archives selected but for some reason, I am unable to select any as none appear???

I can try selecting Show TIB Files but when I select it and click OK, I get an error "The type of the selected backup archive is incompatible. Please select an archive of compatible type".

This is odd as, it was this version of the software which created the file (so there should be no incompatibility issues) and if it was not intended to mount TIB files, why give me the option?

As a test, I am able to recover files from the archive using the recover feature but I want to know why I am unable to mount the archive or TIB file?


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Hello Cosmarchy,

Please make sure, you have created a Disk backup (backup of disks\partitions) and not a File-level backup (when you select individual files\folders). Mounting of file-level backups is not possible.