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Error - invalid BIOS number - Acronis B & R 11

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Hi, During restore image hard drive with windows server 2008R2 in the log file, I get the following warning

Disc ‘\local\hd_sign(CE14E20C)’ has an invalid BIOS nubmer 0. The following values will be used 130.

Additional info:

Error Code: 500

Module: 29

LineInfo: b43bbf466f1c1b3b

Fields: $module: disk_bundle_bartpe_vs_39029

Message: Disk ‘\local\hd_sign(CE14E20C)’ Has an invalid BIOS numer: 0 The following value will br\e used 130.

Is this error makes the recovery windows system does not start?

How to fix this error?


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Hello Łukasz,

This error by itself is mostly internal and does not normally affect the recovery success or failure. For example, if this a UEFI system, the disk will not have a BIOS number. 

That said, if your system is not booting after recovery, this error message might provide some clues. For example, if the original system was a UEFI system with a GPT patitioning scheme and you are recovering to a BIOS machine, Windows will not boot due to its limitations (Windows can only boot GPT disks from UEFI machine). Our software can convert the disk from GPT to MBR in such cases, but there are some limitations.

You can find more information here:…

It could also be something completely unrelated as well, because the "invalid disk number" message doesn't really mean all that much by itself. I would suggest trying again using the latest build (the 39029 build you are using is somewhat old) and documenting the steps you are taking. 

Thank you.