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Error Recovering VM from Acronis Cloud to On-Prem ESXi Server

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I have several VMs that are being backed up to the Acronis Cloud from an on-premise ESXI host. The backup is being managed by a virtual Acronis Vmware appliance that is registered to the Acronis cloud management platform. The backups are completing successfuly on the cloud. Issue I'm facing is with recovery. Each time I attempt to restore a VM I get the below error;

Any help in resolving the issue will be appreciated.

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Hello Kevin,

welcome to Acronis forums!

Looks like your VM that you are trying to restore and the target VM have different number of hard disks. If you restore this VM to the same VM, please make sure that no hard disks were deleted. Otherwise, you can restore your VM from cloud to a new VM - a required number of disks will be created during restore operation.