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Failed to connect to the ESX(i) server

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After i changed vcenter user password . when Backup plan starts  Acronis give these errors :

"Failed to connect to the ESX(i) server"

"Cannot complete login due to an incorrect user name or password."


Acronis Backup Agent for Vmware (Virtual appliance) connect with Vcenter.

Username and password written correctly but I take these errors. What should I do.


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Hello olcay ATLI,

Have you updated the login details on a virtual appliance? To specify new password for vCenter, access the virtual appliance GUI using the vSphere Client and specify access credentials for the vCenter Server in the ESX(i)/vCenter setting. Did this help? 

I'd also make sure, the account has all necessary privileges. See Privileges on vCenter Server or ESX(i) host for the whole list of required privileges.