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How to Restore my acronis back up to a parallels VM

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hi guys,

I want to restore my acronis backup to a parallels vm NOT using bootcamp. That is, I boot parallels under OSX and it creates a huge files under a directory FILENAME.pvm.

I have the acronis backup and parallels installed on another computer with the exact same hardware. How can I restore my pvm to that parallels vm?


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Hello Jarden,

Acronis Backup 12.5 supports backing up Parallels Workstation and Parallels Server 4 Bare Metal from inside a guest OS only.

In your case if I understood correctly there is a backup of a Mac which includes the files of Parallels VM and you want to restore this VM onto a different Mac.You can try restoring the files of the virtual machine onto a new Mac, but the bootability of the virtual machine is not guaranteed in this case.