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How to view Details by default when browsing TIB-files in explorer?

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I regularely browse my Acronis Backup&Recovery 10 TIB-files using file explorer in Windows. A very annoying thing is, that all the files are displayed in "symbol mode" in explorer, which gives me too little information. So I change the view do "Detail view" in explorer, but everytime I navigate to another folder, the view is reset to"symbol view". Why? How can I change the way Windows explorer displays the contents of my TIB-files permanently?

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Excellent question. Sadly, I can only say that I too would like to know.

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Hello Erik, Matthew,

according to current design the program behavior is correct.

However, I'll register your questions as a feedback in our Customer Listening System and it will be considered by designing next program versions.

Thank you.

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My sentiments exactly!

When exploring a backup, I like viewing in Details View.

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So here we are, a year and a major release later.

Has this issue been addressed in ATI 2017?


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Hello David,   

In this forum section we discuss Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 & 11. I'd recommend starting a new discussion in Acronis True Image 2017 forum.

Thank you,