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Indexing error code: 35

Thread needs solution
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What does this mean? It shows up as informational - not tagged with a failure icon..

Indexing and compacting are both running at the same time and do not seem to be making much progress. Concerned that the processors are stepping on each others' toes. There has not been any entries to the logs for 27 hours.

Log Entry Details
Type: Information
Date and time: 5/8/2011 11:18:34 AM
Backup plan: [None]
Task: Indexing Task
Managed entity type: [None]
Managed entity: [None]
Machine: GALAXY.sesi.local
Code: 2,555,939(0x270023)
Module: 39
Owner: administrator
Indexing archive '1C64D7C3-5539-4707-A760-FF4F78C4FD81' in vault 'Galaxy Central'.
Additional info:
Error code: 35
Module: 39
LineInfo: 5f01e07b1d6bf7b7
Message: Indexing archive '1C64D7C3-5539-4707-A760-FF4F78C4FD81' in vault 'Galaxy Central'.

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Has there been a fix for this error from 2011?