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Looking for a Secure Backup solution for multiple labs

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We are currently using normal v11.7 Acronis backing up to a Samba share.

The issue with that is that the the backups can be damaged from the lab PC's

We want a solution that implements a kind of write/append only policy such that the users on their respective lap PC's can push incremental updates on the server but not delete or change the existing backups.

Is there a siutable backup server solution that we could buy to get this working the way we want?


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Hello Philipp,

thank you for your posting! Just checked our internal sources and didn't find any mention of such access control list. Usually, an administrator of the backup plan has access to the backup storage. The only workaround that came to my mind would be protecting the backup archives with a password, see Encryption. I'd recommend contacting our sales team, who may have more information and are better placed to advise on your use-case