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recovering Split TIB file say "this is not the last volume of the backub file"

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One of our servers have been encripted by ramsonware virus, the backup was on an external drive.
In that external drive, there are the TIB files, and it lok like that the files are ok because his extension are not change to ryw (all file have been changed with that).
So, I have 10 TIB files (is a split TIB backup) with the correct extension, and 2 lck files that have been encripted.
Is there any option to use the TIB files and restore the data? withoutthe lck files?
When I try to restore the server it says "this is not the last backup file"

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Hello oscar,

welcome to Acronis forums! First of all, try to validate the backup and check recommendations  from  If the suggested steps didn't help, the archive is likely really corrupted.