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Recovery on 2008R2 Server fails with error code 262.145(0x40001)

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B&R 10.0.13762 is installed on windows server 2008r2 and doing backups to another windows server network share.

During the recovery of a folder with about 100GB of Data, we'll get these errors:

  Failed to recover file or folder 'xxxxx.xml'.
Error occurred while reading the file.

    Error code: 0x40001
    Tag: 0x61F1883FE50B0B1F
Read error

    Error code: 0x70003
    Tag: 0x4DCA6BCAF26CD943
The specified file does not exist.

    Error code: 0x40011
    Tag: 0x6517E0ECF4E10261

There are hundreds of files with this error message, so we cannot recover.

but the last couple of weeks/months the backup schedule tells always:

Log Entry Details
Type:          Information
Date and time: 04.12.2015 20:42:04
Backup plan:   Backup 02.10.2014 09:24:32
Task:          Incremental backup
Code:          11.863.302(0xB50506)
Module:        181
Owner:         xxxxx@xxxxxxx
  Task 'Incremental backup' succeeded.

Is there something we could repair or check the tib file? Or how could we recover the data?

btw, the tib file is stored on another windows server network share.



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Hello Markus,

Thank you for your posting! Please refer to the following article:

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