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Restoring a Domain server

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Our server would not boot after a restart and could not get any idea what was wrong.  It kept going to the windows repair and going through those steps was futile as usual.

We restored a server to feb 9 and it would not boot. It kept going to the windows repair aslo. 

We then restored it to our backup server going back about a month to rule out any recent issue.

It did the same thing, but did say the the registry was corrupt. The thing is, we had rebooted the server just last week after a change and it came up. We also rebooted on Feb 10 to add 2 drives and it came up. But on Feb 11 it was dead in the water. So why would our backups simulate a problem that started on Feb 11? Any ideas on this issue? 

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Hello Robert,

This type of behaviour usually means a problem with the filesystem that the restore is exposing or a problem with the backup process (the data is not consistent during backup) Is this just a regular server or a domain controller? What sort of snapshot/VSS provider do you use? Do you have any warnings or duing backup?