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Retention Policies failing

Thread needs solution
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Good morning,

I have a client that is utilizing Backup & Recovery 11 (build 11.0.17440) on a Windows 2008 R2 server.  They have removable media attached via USB for the backup storage.  The backups can store one day of backups and they rotate 5 days of media.  The retention policy is set to:

Clean up archive: Using retention rules

Retention Rules: Backups older than 1 Day, Delete the oldest backup

Apply retention rules: Before backup

When the drive is rotated and the backupp is 5 days old, the retention policy should delete the older backups and then run the backup job.  This is not happening.




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Hello Deanna,

Could you clarify what is happening instead? Do you get an error? Does the task run without doing anything?

Thank you!