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scheduler failed to run task choice 0, with GUID "}because of Error 87

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Hi, I'm new to Acronis. I'm running 2010 on Win 7 prof, I have scheduled incremental backups of my OS and my docs that reside on a different HDD. The initial backup worked OK but now at each scheduled backup I get the message scheduler failed to run task choice 0, with GUID "}because of Error 87. I have checked the backup tasks and they appear to have completed OK. Can anyone help please. The log file is attached.

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Hello Michael,

I am familiar with the issue you are experiencing and will do everything possible from my side to provide you with the complete resolution. 

There can be two reasons of the encountered issue. 

1) Please make sure the user profile under which you are using the program has the Administrators and Backup Operators rights (make right-click on My computer -> Manage -> Local users and groups -> Users -> Make double- click on the user -> Member of). Check if Administrators and Backup Operators itemsd are present, otherwise, please add them.

2) If the issue remains, please restart Acronis scheduler, it appears that the scheduler service has been installed improperly.

- Download a special Acronis utility;
- Start the Command Prompt from Start -> Programs -> Accessories menu;
- Run the following commands in the folder you saved the file to:
schedmgr task zap
schedmgr service stop
schedmgr service uninstall
schedmgr service install
schedmgr service start
This should delete all Acronis tasks on the PC. You should manage your tasks from the scratch. Create a backup task and see if the issue remains.
Or you can update Acronis Scheduler in the following way:

- Download Acronis Scheduler, which is a special utility to update the scheduler service:

Windows 32/64 bit: scheduler

- Extract the downloaded file and run install.bat. The utility will automatically update the service;-

- Reboot the machine;

- Recreate the scheduled tasks and check the software functionality. .

Please let us know the results, we should be sure that the program runs flawlessly.  

Please let me know if the provided information is not clear or if you have any other question. 

Thank you.

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I have the same problem, but with Windows 7 Home Premium, so I can't do what you suggest in step 1. Should I just miss this out and go on to step 2?

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Hello Simon,

Thank you for posting, I will be happy to help.
Certainly, you can start from step 2. Or you can just update Acronis Scheduler with the batch file.
Please do not hesitate to ask additional questions if the provided information is not clear or you need a further assistance.
Thank you. 
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I have been having the same problem after updating TI 2010 Home to latest build 7154 which I have twice. I get errors on both 2010 outlook email when it first starts and then on disk backup same thing. However, about 2 minutes after according to log, the system has backed up and been validated. However, the block with the calendar still shows red. This was not a problem until I updated to the latest build. I tried step two above and will see if that takes care of the problem. Can I go back to the earlier build if this does not work?

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I have had the same problem for several weeks. I called Acronis for help, but so far they've done almost nothing for me! I sent them logs, an FTP from an Acronis utility that tells them a lot about my machine, but so far the only thing they suggested (just a day or two ago) was to look at my Anti-Virus software.

So I went on the Web and found this thread. Indeed, in my Windows 7 Pro (in a Domain) PC, there is noone listed as a Backup Operator. I am already an administrator, and have now added myself as a Backup Operator, also.

As far as tweaking the Scheduler, is it enough to bring up the Services manager, stop Acronis Scheduler 2 Service, and then start it again? (I will also do a reboot, of course). I've had a once-a-week Incremental Backup scheduled for Thursday morning, and have missed 5 or 6 since I created the task (it has never run), so I might need to wait another week to see if this works ...

Frustrated Bob Schor

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Did you get the schedul2.log as described in collected during the time when the scheduled task is expected to run? Btw, you may wish to move your post to True Image Home 2013 forum section.