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simple full backup failed.

Thread needs solution
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dear all , i'm using acronis to backup sql server .

the backup is being failed with the below erorr

failed to backup file or folder f:\countertraffDb_log.ldf


error code 0x40019 error occured while reading the file

error code 0x40001

failed to read the snapshot

error code 0x1qc45a - unknown status

error code 0x9

insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service

error code 0xff0

please advise asap ,

thanks in advance igal.


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Thank you for your question! Sometimes the snapshot creation can fail if the backed up volumes are under high load. Have you tried rebooting the server? For general troubleshooting steps please refer to Acronis Backup Software: Troubleshooting Snapshot Issues.

Thank you, 

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thanks i will try the above.