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Unable to backup from bootable CD

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I have downloaded the latest build, 12497 and this is a disk level backup from the bootable CD.

I tried to backup to a Windows file share but I'm getting an error message. I can't see any of the folders when I click on the server name under Network Folders, Domain name, Server name. It just sits there and says LOADING.

Code 262,155 (0x4000b)
lineinfo 0x9a79f20828bc7e7

message: the drive is not ready

Code 262,155 (0x4000b)
lineinfo 0x9d05ddc01e814c24

message: the drive is not ready

This was a Windows 2008 server file share. I also tried to connect to a Windows 2003 file share and it gives me the same thing. It's asking me for the user name and password and I type in Domain\username and the password. I tried all kinds of combinations (i.e. not using a domain name, using the FQDN, etc.)

I'm running in a Windows 2008 Active Directory domain.

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Try reburning the disk perhaps it didn't write properly.