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V11.5 Alert Questions

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Our company has acquired another company and they are running Acronis Backup and Recovery 11.5. I tried registering the product and try to get some support but none of the keys will work and I seem to be running around in cirlces.   So I have been receiving some alerts from a few of my servers that "No Backups have been created for more than 5 days"  is there anywhere in Acronis to see what these actually mean?  I can't find a log that says why anywhere in the console I just get an email that no backups have been created for more than 5 days  and it would be great to see a reason why/how/what this is happening.  Any ideas of where to get into the actual logs on why this is happening?  The old IT company that did support would just reboot the servers but I would like to figure out more of why. Thanks!

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Using the management console connect directly (connection->'manage a remote machine') to the server in question, go to 'backup plans' in navigation menu, check what backup plans are applied to the machine, check 'history' tab for each plan - are there any failed activities and errors in their logs.