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Acronis Backup Advanced for VMware Licensing

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Hi to all,

I have a free ESXi with two VMs,

One Windows Server 2012 with Exchange 2013 and one Windows Server 2012 with Sharepoint.

I also need to backup network files and folders that are not included in these machines.


I spoke with a sales representative and he told me that I need Acronis Backup Advanced for VMware but I can't figure out how many licences I need.


I made a trial install of the server and realized that I cant install the virtual appliance because my ESXi is free edition.

So as I understand I need to install the agent on each of my VMs.


Does this mean that I should change my licence to something else or the vmware licence is valid?

Also do I need different licence for each machine?

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Acronis Program Manager
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Hi Lefteris,

That's correct that you cannot use appliance with ESXi Free host, and the proper way is to install agents inside the VMs. Note that a single license of Acronis Backup Advanced for VMware allows installation of unlimited number of backup agents _inside_ VMs running on VMware ESXi - the agents detect that they are installed inside a machine running on ESXi platform and check the presence of Acronis Backup Advanced for VMware license - if it was not present then each machine would've required separate license.

In other words your existing license is perfectly fine and appropriate for the given setup and you don't need separate licenses.

Thank you.