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Acronis capying failed

Thread needs solution
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In my company we are using acronis 9.2. We have a tasks that do backup of our server and after backup acronis should start copying this backup to another disk. Everything was fine, but on monday something went wrong. Backup is done, but when acronis starts copying we got error:

Task 'BACKUPFULL_11-MIN11\ACRONIS Dual Destination' failed: 'Failed to replicate backups.
Additional info: 
Error code: 11
Module: 435
LineInfo: 555b5abba0950441
Message: Failed to replicate backups.
Error code: 115
Module: 161
LineInfo: ebe260f08eb372aa
Message: Failed to replicate backups.
Error code: 2
Module: 218
LineInfo: 338a407ad20e0987
Message: Error occurred while running the backup and recovery engine.
Error code: 1080
Module: 1
LineInfo: e1f642d4fc709790
Message: Failed to replicate slices.
Error code: 706
Module: 64
LineInfo: d143f4885f91ef31
Message: Failed to replicate backup.
Error code: 3
Module: 64
LineInfo: 3f26773fab7bd967
Fields: path : avfs:/smb?//
Message: Failed to open the archive for writing.
Error code: 80
Module: 89
LineInfo: 9d05ddc01e814e4a

Message: Failed to mount the SMB share. 'F'.
Error code: 20
Module: 4
LineInfo: 72bd8f1a411be0e9
Message: Access to the file is denied.

And we dont know why access is denied, everything is the same as before. 

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Most likely something has changed on the network share side, i.e. \\\F\ became inaccessible from the backup agent (appliance). You should try re-configuring the backup task and checking if there would be any errors when selecting this share as 2nd destination (probably rebooting the machine hosting the share would help).

Thank you.