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Acronis Vmprotect 9 get suddenly Slow Performance without a cause

Thread needs solution
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Hi, I'm using VMprotect 9 last update available. The appliance is gone fine for 3 years, suddenly starts to works at 10-12 MB\S during backups. I'm using esx 6.0, i've read some topis about this problem that tells me to change network adapter typo into vmxnet3. There's not vmxnet3 option on the choice. Only flexible or e1000...upgraded virtual hardware but problem remains, not possible to set vmxnet 3. Other things i've tried

- reinstall appliance

- change datastore for the appliance, putting it in the same of the virtual machines (iscsi LUN), before it was on the host datastore

what i can try? i really don't understand, network is going fine at 1GB\s...only appliance seems to have this issue...thank you....

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