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Acronis vmProtect 9 lost my settings

Thread needs solution
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Can't make a support ticket as the product isn't registered to my account but to a partner.
The acronis appliance (on vmware 5.1) stopped working so I rebooted the machine.

After rebooting all settings are gone. Was going to configure it again but I can only find the Acronis vmProtect 9 upgrade licences not the orginal vmProtect 6/7/8 ones.

Can you help me? My guess is the 2nd harddisk didn't mount correctly.

PS: Also not on latest version (AcronisBackupVMware 9 build 10535) but can't download build 10571.

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Hello Funk,

If the lacking licenses are the only issue, I'd suggest to deploy a new appliance and get the keys from your partner. Looks like the old VA got corrupted