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Backup completed with warnings - Failed to check out the source from repository

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Hi All,

I'm seeing this warning on the backup task for a few Windows Server 2008 R2 and SBS 2011 VM's. I've upgraded the Acronis for VMware appliance to version build 9.2.10535 hoping it would fix the issue but it hasn't. Any ideas?

Failed to check out the resource from the repository.
Additional info:
Error code: 3
Module: 469
LineInfo: 2c7a0b848a167c83
Fields: ID : /vs://C7F9FAC5-55FB-4A1B-9D2D-698792ED1E42?host=&type=vmwesx/vm-3094/[Datastore1 (2)] FILESVR02/FILESVR02_2-000002.vmdk
Message: Failed to check out the resource from the repository.
Error code: 10
Module: 469
LineInfo: 5872c7fe6d5bf363
Fields: ID : /vs://C7F9FAC5-55FB-4A1B-9D2D-698792ED1E42?host=&type=vmwesx/vm-3094/[Datastore1 (2)] FILESVR02/FILESVR02_2-000002.vmdk
Message: Failed to remove the resource from the storage.
Error code: 1
Module: 59
LineInfo: 7679e7b9a7eb67e2
Fields: line : 10, column : 542
Message: Failed to parse the XML.

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Acronis Program Manager
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This warning appears when Acronis Backup for VMware tries to clean up the traces of the previous backup attempt, i.e. first there is a list of resources (virtual disks) added to internal product infrastructure and upon completion they are deleted from the database which doesn't seem to happen successfully in your case. To confirm that this is the case can you please try deploy a new fresh appliance (using standard Acronis Backup for VMware installer) and check whether the problem is reproduced with it (try to back up the same VMs)? If the problem is not reproduced then it makes sense to export the configuration (Configure->Agent Settings->Export/Import) from the old appliance/Windows agent and import it into new appliance, then check whether the migrated tasks are completed properly. If not then please contact our support team for further assistance (remember to attach the full log: View->Show Logs->Save All To File).

Thank you.
Best regards,
Acronis Virtualization Program Manager