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Backup on datastore

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we are using Acronis Backup c VmWare to replicate the ours guest to a different data store, and it works very well.

We'd like to scheduling a backup to the same data store, but it seems that there are not way to do that.

Is it possible to mount the datastore (or create a vdisk and mount it as local folder) to use as target for the backup scheduled in the acronis appliance?

Is there a way to use the backup job but not connecting the repository to the Vm (windows server)?

For security reason it's not too sure to have the backup repository connected to the vm that we have to backup.

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Acronis Program Manager
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Hi Davide,

It is in fact possible to back up a VM to virtual disk created on the same datastore. In case you are running Acronis Backup for VMware as virtual appliance please see… for instructions (create and attach a >10GB virtual disk to appliance and configure it to be used as backup repository).

Thank you.
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Acronis Virtualization Program Manager