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Backup takes a lot of time

Thread needs solution
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I’m new with Acrocronis products and I testing Acronis for VMware with the following configuration:

  • 11 VMs about 2TB
  • 1 week, all days, start at 9.00 PM.
  • Save all backups in one file.
  • GFS Schema, Start Monday each day 5, each week 1, each month 1

But each day (night) it takes 7 hours to complete the backup. Backup starts at 9.00 PM e ends at 4.00 AM

Whit others VMBackup (and the same my11 VMs) softwares I see that only full backup, (some software only the first time), use about a lot of time and successfully use max 20 minutes .

Can someone help me how to do for taking less time for incremental? My target could be:

1 time at week: 7 hours (full)

6 times at week: about 20 minutes (only incremental).


Many thank in advance.


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Acronis Program Manager
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Hi Enrico,

It would be really helpful if you could attach the backup log from one of the recent attempts (7h run). Right now I can guess that there are either of 2 problems:

1) There is "automatic validation after backup" option enabled in the backup task settings which verifies the entire archive for consistency (ensures recovery) and the time to run validation will be practically the same for full and incremental backups. The workaround here is to disable automatic backup validation and run it separately.

2) There are problems with CBT records for some of the VMs participating in the task which forces the backup to re-read entire disk instead of only changed sectors. The solution here is to reset CBT for problematic VMs

If none of the above applies please attach the backup log here (View->Show Logs->Save All To File), so that I can check and advise further.

Thank you.


Best regards,


Acronis Virtualization Program Manager

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Hi Vasily,

I resolved with your  solution nr 1).

Now the incremental takes about 60 minutes.

Many thanks for your help.

Best regards,