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Can Acronis Backup for VMware backup VMware vCenter Virtual Appliance

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I've been using Acronis Backup for VMware (VMProtect) for years on a ESXi 4.1 Host with vCenter in a Windows Guest OS. I'm upgrading to a new server running VMare 6 Essentials. I want to install the VMware vCenter Virtual Appliance, instead of a guest OS with vCenter installed, but I need to MAKE SURE I can backup the VMware vCenter Virtual Appliance just like i do now for my current vCenter in 4.1.

I can't find any documentation telling me I can do this for sure. I want to install the VMware vCenter Virtual Appliance but I won't if I can't back it up using Acronis Backup for VMware.

Can I use Acronis Backup for VMware to backup a VMware vCenter Virtual Appliance on my host????

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In general any VM which can be snapshotted by VMware can be backed up by Acronis Backup for VMware and this includes vCenter appliance - we've checked it in our QA lab some time in the past and were able to back up a running vCenter appliance successfully. If there are any problems during the process then it should be investigated separately.

Thank you.

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Thanks, I'll give it a shot.