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Day of Fullbackup

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We are wondering about the missing feature to select the day of the fullbackup, we have configured many backuptasks and have the problem that the backup is running in our office time. For example, we configure a backup job on monday 10pm +14days with 8TB then he takes 12 hours to complete the fullbackup on monday, for incremental he takes 2 hours on the other days. Why it isn't possible to edit tha task and say, do fullbackup on saturday 10pm...We have to delete the whole task, make a new one, wait till saturday and then add the task?

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Acronis Program Manager
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Hi Falko,

It is not possible to define the day of the week to start the backup plan at in the current version of Acronis Backup for VMware. The functionality to define the day/time for full backup creation is available in custom scheduling scheme in the upcoming Acronis Backup 12 which is in open Beta now.  You can subscribe for it here: . Note however that it is still not possible to create a "delayed" backup task, so if you plan running full backups on weekends, then it is still required first create a schedule for 1st plan execution for weekend and then edit the plan on next Monday in order to enable daily incremental backups.

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