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ESXi 6 bare metal recovery

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We have ESXi 6.0 hosts, protected by the latest version of Acronis Backup for VMware. We also backup the ESXi configuration on a regular basis.

We are planning to do an upgrade of our hosts to the latest 6.0 u01 release, so we are doing some research on recovery options in case something goed wrong. Acronis can do a bare metal recovery, but the manual states that this is only possible for ESXi versions 5.5 and lower. Is this really not supported on version 6 or does the documentation need an update?

Next question, during the recovery process using the bootable media the ESXi operating system is restored. Does this mean that the ESXi operating system files are part of the configuration backup?


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Hi Theo,

Looks like it's a typo in the user guide manual. The latest 10535 build includes full support for vSphere 6 including ESXi host configuration backup and recovery. The backup archive contains the executable files of ESXi, so yes operating system files are included in that archive. You can try restoring the ESXi configuration for example to some test VM by booting it from Acronis Backup for VMware bootable media (.iso) to confirm that it works beforehand (note that you can skip the VM recovery part and restore just the configuration).

Thank you.


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