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ESXi configuration backup fails with "connect failed in tcp_connect()"

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The ESXi backup task have been failed for 3 days with the following error :

La tâche 'Configuration de ESXi 'srv2u-esxp.cerb2010.local'' a échoué : 'L'opération de sauvegarde a échoué sur l'hôte ESXi « srv2u-esxp.cerb2010.local ».
Informations additionnelles :
Code d'erreurs : 13
Module : 458
LineInfo : 60d54fe10d95ecf8
Champs : $module : C:\Program Files (x86)\Acronis\vmProtect\Windows Agent\vmms.exe
Message : L'opération de sauvegarde a échoué sur l'hôte ESXi « srv2u-esxp.cerb2010.local ».
Code d'erreurs : 1
Module : 83
LineInfo : c7610e0a857bee5e
Champs :
Message : Echec lors de la connexion au serveur ESX 'srv2u-esxp.cerb2010.local'.
Code d'erreurs : 257
Module : 83
LineInfo : c7610e0a857bee60
Champs : faultTypeId : 0
Message : Code de défaut SOAP : '28', Description : 'Une tentative de connexion a échoué car le parti connecté n’a pas répondu convenablement au-delà d’une certaine durée ou une connexion établie a échoué car l’hôte de connexion n’a pas répondu.', Détails : 'connect failed in tcp_connect()'

However, the VMs hosted on this ESXi are successfully backuped.

Please find the logs and a screenshot as attached file.

Any help would be appreciated.


Best regards,


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Acronis Program Manager
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Hi Florent,

The error indicates failure to connect to ESXi host over SSH at the very first stage. It looks like something has changed in the configuration of the affected ESXi host: either the connection port was changed from default 443 one or the host was brought down to lockdown mode from vSphere client (so that no direct operations are available). You should first of all check whether lockdown mode is enabled and if not then start creating a new ESXi configuration backup task and perform test connection on the 1st step of the wizard. Check if it gives you the same error or not and contact our support team for further assistance. Remember to collect ESXi host system logs from vSphere client to attach them to your request.

Thank you.


Best regards,


Acronis Virtualization Program Manager