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Exchange 2013 Application Aware backup fails

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My Exchange backups are now failing after updating vmware tools on the Exchange Server. The Acronis task was an application aware job, and ever since I updated the Vmware tools on the guest OS, it started failing.

The VMware tools version is 9.0.167, build-3055609 (current version)
Guest OS: Windows Server 2012 R2
Exchange Server 2013

Acronis backup for VMware is running the latest version and build number. Build 9.2.10571

In the backup task, When I go to Step 4, and click 'Refresh' under actions, it fails with the below error.

Code: 27066484 (0x019D0074)
Line: 836463A653DED97A
Message: An error has occurred while executing command 'check_applications_scheme'.


Code: 27066502 (0x019D0086)
Message: An error has occurred while detecting applications.


Code: 11337743 (0x00AD000F)
Line: C93597B64F4E1C1C
$module: C:\Program Files (x86)\Acronis\vmProtect\Windows Agent\vmms.exe
Message: Error: Unhandled routine exception.


Code: 35258376 (0x021A0008)
Line: 6B0AD8FCB152DDC3
Message: Unexpected error occured while loading application scheme


Code: 35260371 (0x021A07D3)
Line: 4633BA647DB0B314
Message: Error occured while checking application's properties


Code: 35260370 (0x021A07D2)
Line: 2A7F716ABAAAB050
Message: Error occured while loading applications through Vm proxy


Code: 31457298 (0x01E00012)
Line: 1280B6A4518D5FAA
Message: Unable to encode holder content


Please see the screenshot attached.


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Hi Tom,

According to our records we've got report on this problem only once so far and it was related to WMI calls executed inside the protected VM which didn't return proper information about SQL server. Probably VMware Tools installation has somehow affected the WMI and thus causes the issue.

First of all I'd tried updating the VMware Tools to version 10, since VMware now releases VMware Tools independently from ESXi releases: see

If that doesn't help then you should contact our support team for further assistance. Remember to capture AcronisInfo outputs from inside the problematic VM before submitting the request - see (See "Use AcronisInfo tool to collect system report on a Windows machine" section)

Thank you.