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Exchange mailbox restore does not work

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When I try to do an exchange mailbox restore (to an EXE containing the PST) the Acronis recover task cancels automatically after 9% progress. Acronis reports an error stating that the Acronis vmProtect Managed Machine Service is not running.

This service indeed crashed, see attachment for a screen shot of the corresponding event in the Windows application event log of the Acronis server.

When I restart the Acronis service and try the recover task again, the same thing happens, so the service stops with an application error event log.

The creation of the temporary exchange VM works, it is visible in the VMware client. The VMware host in the resource pool has enough resources (CPU/memory/HDD) available.

Please advise

Theo van Asperen


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Acronis Program Manager
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Hi Theo,

First of all you should contact our support team for assistance with this crash issue (we'll need a crash dump from the failed service vmms.exe and the usual log files). Most likely there is compatibility issue with some of the .dlls present in the system where Acronis Backup for VMware is installed and this needs to be investigated. As a temporary workaround you can simply deploy an appliance from Acronis Backup for VMware installer and perform recovery using the appliance instead of your current Windows Agent.

Thank you.


Best regards,

Acronis Virtualization program Manager