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failed to decrypt data of the credentials

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We are intermittently getting a pop up message on both of our Acronis vmProtect (9.2.10535) appliances during backup or recovery jobs. They seem to run through ok and it doesn't seem to be causing any problems, but the message starts with "failed to decrypt data of the credentials" followed by "A key holder error occurred", then "Failed to retrieve object access information". The event code at the end is 0x019D0074+0x019D0013+0x00F8800A+0x0075000B

Can you shed any light on why this keeps popping up?

Many thanks

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Acronis Program Manager
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The root cause of the issue is due to excessive amount of files under /tmp/root/.Acronis/CredStorage folder on the appliance and the solution from should help here. Such issue may (one of possible reasons) appear if the appliance was up and running for about a year and was connected to Acronis Centralized Dashboard component which connects to appliance and each connect generates a record in that folder. The root cause of the problem is pending to be addressed in the next version of Acronis Backup for VMware where the Centralized Dashboard component will be replaced.

Thank you.


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