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failing backups

Thread needs solution
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As discussed on another topic, i have created a new topic here for this problem.

More info over this topic:…

To reply on the questions,

1. the failing job does not conain other vm's on the same host.

2. the failing job never succeeded his first backup

3. taking a snapshot in vmware works without problems.


Can someone help me please?




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Hello Summit

thank you for your posting!

As I understand, a VM-level backup to a NAS fails with "Error occurred while running the backup and recovery engine". 

Are there any Windows applications (Exchange, SQL) installed on the affected VM? I have found a similar case, where the issue has been caused by enormous database log files. If this is your case, please try to truncate them. 

As the error message is too general, I would ask you to gather a system report both from the appliance and the affected VM

This will help us find the root cause. 

I have sent you the FTP-link in private messages. To find them, navigate to the upper right corner – My account – Inbox.

Please let me know when the logs are downloaded. Thank you!