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File backup

Thread needs solution
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Hi to all,

I installed Acronis backup for VMware to test it after talking with a sales person at acronis.

My setup includes VMware server with 3 virtual windows server a DC, an Exchange and a Sharepoint.

Everything seems good about the backup of the VMs but I was told that I can backup network files and folders that are not connected with the ESXi wich I cant find it as an option.

Am I missing something or do I need a different version of Acronis?

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Acronis Program Manager
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Hi Lefteris,

Acronis Backup for VMware provides backup and replication for vSphere VMs only at entire machine level. The files/folders backup functionality is available in Acronis Backup for Server/PC/Linux and in Acronis Backup Advanced (any) editions. This functionality is enabled in backup agent installed inside the protected machine. This agent is capable for backing up both local disks/volumes/files/folders and files/folders on remote network shares accessible from the machine.

If you want to back up only a dedicated network share resource then a single Acronsi Backup for PC license will be enough: you can install the product on a desktop edition of Windows (Windows XP or higher) and back up files from remote network shares.

Thank you.