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File does not exist

Thread needs solution
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I have a problem with some vm's in vmProtect 9.
I got an error message to a file that does not exist in the folder:
Nachricht: Download der Datei '…' fehlgeschlagen.

Can you help me?

The whole error:

Die Aktion 'Sichernd' ist fehlgeschlagen.
Zusätzliche Info:
Fehlercode: 26
Module: 100
Zeileninfo: 48afbd3608a410ca
Nachricht: Die Aktion 'Sichernd' ist fehlgeschlagen.
Fehlercode: 1080
Module: 1
Zeileninfo: b43e776571144dee
Nachricht: Endgültiges Ausführen des Aktionsergebnisses ist fehlgeschlagen.
Fehlercode: 104
Module: 1
Zeileninfo: bb03ce40e9a37f69
Nachricht: Backup der zusätzlichen Datei '' fehlgeschlagen.
Fehlercode: 404
Module: 0
Zeileninfo: 3a807318633ed6fe
Nachricht: Download der Datei '…' fehlgeschlagen.

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Acronis Program Manager
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Hi Jonas,

The file referred in the error message is the vmdk descriptor which contains the metadata of the snapshot virtual disk. This file can be seen through web browser if you open URL (this file doesn't show up in vSphere Datastore Browser) when the snapshot of the VM is created. You should try downloading some file from the VM folder using the above URL, for example small .vmx file. This download backed by vSphere web server should work in order for VM backup to work. If the download doesn't work then it makes sense to reboot the vCenter and check whether some other files can be downloaded: the download may be sensitive to VM names and "#" symbol in the beginning of the name of the file may be a problem.

See also the following KB article describing the issue:

Thank you.
Best regards,
Acronis Virtualization Program Manager