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Hard Disk of virtual Appliance (vmProtect 8) full

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Hello to everybody,

I have a question regarding to following error while backup Task for ESXi Configuration Backup with vm Protect 8 (virtual Appliance) for ESXi 5.1.0.

Error which gets displayed:
Task 'Backup von ESXi '' mit der Konfiguration '18.09.2014 11:02:06'' fehlgeschlagen: 'Die Backup-Aktion ist auf dem ESXi-Host '' fehlgeschlagen.
Zusätzliche Info:
Fehlercode: 13
Module: 458
Zeileninfo: 60d54fe10d95ed0b
Nachricht: Die Backup-Aktion ist auf dem ESXi-Host '' fehlgeschlagen.
Fehlercode: 2
Module: 458
Zeileninfo: b958040dedf1d37c
Nachricht: Verschieben zu Position 17920 im TAR-Archiv fehlgeschlagen.
Fehlercode: 4
Module: 4
Zeileninfo: d18a9c757ef132fe
Nachricht: Datenträger ist voll.
It seems like, that the hard disk of the virtual appliance has not enough free space. Is that correct?
And if yes, is it possible to expand the drive while the appliance is up/down?

Best regards.

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Acronis Program Manager
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Hi Rainer,

The ESXi configuration backup is running as follows:

1) There is a script running inside ESXi host which produces .tar archive and stores it in /tmp/ folder on local disk of the Acronis vmProtect virtual appliance
2) The generated .tar file is then moved to the final backup destination which you specified in the backup settings.

In your case as you correctly suggested the problem is that the appliance local disks are running low on free space which may be explained by growing logs and some other data. Another possible reason is that the particular ESXi host configuration takes more than usual (typical ESXi configuration backup size is 300-500MB).

First of all I'd recommended cleaning up the appliance local disks as described in , i.e. delete /var/log/messages + /tmp/core (if exists) + /var/lib/Acronis/vmProtect/wcs.log files. Plus clean up the logs from the web console: View->Show Logs->Clear log.

As an alternative you can also extend the local partition size inside the appliance, but it will require some disk partitioning software (Acronis Disk Director can do the trick for example), since you'll need to resize an ext3 partition (2GB by default) on the appliance and for this you'll need to boot the appliance from partitioning software bootable media (and for this you'll need to add a CD-rom to appliance configuration). So it may be a pretty tricky path, though it will do the trick eventually.

Thank you.
Best regards,
Acronis Virtualization Program Manager