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How to ignore specific SQL instances on a SQL server VM backup?

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We have a SQL server we are backing up that has multiple SQL instances installed, but which we don't need running regularly - such as a Test instance. If we stop the SQL services the Test instance, the backup fails. I need to know if there is a way to tell Acronis to ignore specific SQL instances.

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Hi Chase,

Such functionality is not yet available - you can exclude only entire SQL application but not specific instances. We will consider this feature for future versions of Acronis Backup.

EDIT: as far as I've just checked the SQL instances which are turned off will be properly skipped during application-aware processing in Acronis Backup 12 (new upcoming version) in the initial release, so this should resolve your issue when the new version comes out.

Thank you.


Best regards,


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Good day,

This is an old thread, but we are still getting warnings for disabled instances: "SQL Server databases of instance 'SQLSERVER' have not been backed up because the instance is offline."

We are using Acronis Cloud running the latest 12.5 agent on the server.

Is there still no way to ignore specific instances?



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Hello Christiaan,

thank you for your posting! It is not possible to ignore offline instances in the current implementation, however, they will be skipped during the application-aware backup with a corresponding warning alerting the user that specific SQL instances were not included into the backup. 

I've added your comment as a vote for the existing feature request. 

Thank you!

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Thanks Ekaterina!

I appreciate you adding my vote. I HATE seeing even orange on our dashboard :)