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Impossible to delete recovery points

Thread needs solution
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I never was able to delete any recovery point from my backup that is a QNAP NAS Appliance. I rebooted everything, the backup is consistent (I tested it), and I tried SMB, NFS, FTP, SFTP as protocol and as host: IP Address, full domain address, name of the host and all the possible combinations of protocol/hostsname as Location and I always get this message:

Failed to get the dependent backups.
Additional info: 
Error code: 3
Module: 432
LineInfo: da004ef1034b62a
Message: Failed to get the dependent backups.
Error code: 123
Module: 161
LineInfo: 6ef4be227eff5534
Message: Failed to get information about recovery points from cache layer.
Error code: 96
Module: 161
LineInfo: bd0bef9bf345a61
Message: Failed to get information about the backups. Location login: admin
Error code: 9
Module: 161
LineInfo: 72f0fa15d2b258aa
Message: Invalid URI.

My backup disk will become full soon and I don't have any means to delete the right backup file. I'll have to delete all backups if I'm not able to delete old recovery points.

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Acronis Program Manager
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Hi Lorenzo,

This issue will require separate investigation and likely involvement of custom fixes for your specific QNAP NAS device. You should contact our support team for assistance with this problem. I'm afraid there is no straightforward instant solution, since the problem is specific to particular environment/setup.

Thank you.