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incoherent size backup

Thread needs solution
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I used acronis to make 5 backups

On of them is a VM whose size 42GB

This is a server whose data rarely change.
But the backup size 326 GB reached after 30 days
which is incoherent in relation to other backups.
how can I do ?

best regards



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Acronis Program Manager
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Hi Emmanuel,

The total size of backups depends on whether there were any full backups created in the middle, i.e. what were the settings in the original backup plan - the retention rules (GFS? Simple cleanup?) + scheduling (once a day?). If you've run backups in always-incremental mode (default "Single file for all backups" archive format) then the size of incrementals generated (assuming daily backups) is ~10GB which looks excessive. It may be caused by broken/inconsistent CBT record for this VM which reports more changed sectors than it should - additional investigation is required by capturing the log file (View->Show Logs->Save All To File) and contacting our support team in this case.

Thank you.

Posts: 3
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hi Vasily,

thanks for your answer

i make a support request