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Lan Free Backup with a backup storage ~20TB

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I was just thinking about to use the so called "lan-free" backup.
I have a backukp storage about 20Tb in size, but the virtual appliance only allows to attach disks with 2TB in size.

Until now i have used a simple smb share to store the backups there, this works fine but it is not a lan-free backup.
Now i am wondering how to create the backup "inside" the SAN.
Btw, the backup storage is a synology rack device.

Somebody has some ideas how that could be implemented?


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Just additional question, i have added a SATA controller in VCenter and a Disk with 5TB for testing (and of course rebooting the appliance), but it does not recognize it as local storage.

Acronis Program Manager
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Hi Markus,

Acronis Backup for VMware supports direct SAN access mode (one of VMware VDDK methods) when running as Windows Agent. This mode is used automatically when available. To implement this solution you need to do the following:

1) Set up a spare physical machine with your SAN connected to it. The same SAN LUNs used as your vSphere datastores should be connected to this machine in non-initialized mode (i.e. read-only)
2) Install Acronis Backup for VMware Windows Agent onto this machine

After that the backup traffic will be offloaded to SAN so you'll get the LAN-free backup.

Thank you.
Best regards,
Acronis Virtualization Program Manager