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Licencing Question

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Hi i have a question in regards to licencing VMprotect. We have 2 physical ESXI 4.1 hosts.each of those is a dual cpu socket machine. So on machine A i buy 2 licences for each socket. Is that all i need to buy and use machine A to backup machine B as well? or do i need to buy 2 additional licences for machine B as well? just the diagram seems to insinuate that vmprotect can backup across multiple hosts but im confused with licencing.

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If no one from Acronis answers your question, I suggest using the pre-sales choice on the Acronis support page. I suspect you would need 4 licences, but I'm not sure.

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Hello Kieron and Colin.

Thank you for posting and thank you very much for your help Colin.

Kieron, I would recommend the following method to see exactly the numbers of licenses that you need to purchase.

Download a trial version and backup one machine from each host. Then you can navigated to Configure-Licenses and check the amount of Assigned Licenses.

If you counted your sockets correctly, you will need 4 licenses, but I would still recommend to download the trial version to check this together with the program's functionality in your environment.

Just in case, here is a list of all KB articles related to vmProtect.

Please let me know if you have additional questions.

Thank you.

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I am a little confused as we have 3 x Dell R710's with 2 x 6 Core CPU's in each Host, so I assumed 6 Licenses, however under Configure->Licenses it has assigned 1 License to 2 of the Hosts and 2 Licenses to the 3rd, totaling 4 Licenses, I have attached a screenshot

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My license count has now rectified itself and counts as 6 as expected, not sure what the delay was