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Limitation of scheduled Tasks

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First i wnat to say that Acronis for Vmware is a great program, but i have some questions


First My college has installed it on a  physical machine, is it true that i now never can backup true my ISCSI Network ?

To solve it , i have to export my configuration ,  and install it with a appliance and import the config ?

Second question, for disaster recobery we also copy the tib files to tape.

I scheduled that my vms one for one will be created on Saturday, and then with another tool it will b written to tape. If i schedule all my vms om the same time it will do 5 vms at te same time, but i want to bring this down to 2 vms a time, but i cant find this option limt.


Kind REgards Peter




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Acronis Program Manager
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Hi Peter,

I assume that you want to achieve LAN-free backup and for this purpose installing Acronis Backup for VMware onto physical machine perfectly makes sense. LAN-free (reading backup data over iSCSI instead of pure LAN) backup will be performed automatically if you connect the ESXi host datastore iSCSI LUN which is used as VM storage to this physical machine as well (via Microsoft iSCSI initator for example). This LUN has to be connected for read-only access, so it should not be initialized in Windows Disk Management. See also the principal scheme in documentation. The backup destination can be any location accessible from this physical machine (local disks for example).

An alternative to this approach is to use Virtual Appliance-based installation which will deploy a small virtual appliance to the ESXi host and back up VMs from it in hot-add mode, i.e. via attaching backed up virtual disks to appliance and reading data in LAN-free mode. The backup destination in this case can be either some network share, or locally attached storage (a virtual disk attached to the appliance, see details here).

Concerning your second question: Acronis Backup for VMware allows running up to 5 tasks simultaneously by default and if you need to limit the amount of backed up VMs down to 2, you should set up 2 backup tasks each of which will include a subset of VMs to be backed up, for example 1st task will back up VM1, VM2, VM3, ..., while 2nd task will back up VM10,VM11, VM12, ... The VMs inside a single backup task are processed sequentially, but you can run both backup tasks at the same time, so as the result you will have no more than 2 VMs backed up simultaneously. Hope this helps.

Thank you.


Best regards,


Acronis Virtualization Program Manager