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new released version 11.7

Thread needs solution
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Just notice that there is a new version 11.7 released. From your website, it seems to be also for Acronis Backup for Vmware as well. However, we are just in ver 9.x. Is there something changed with this product? 



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Hi Aldous,

11.7 is a new version for Acronis Backup Advanced product edition. Acronis Backup for VMware remains at the same v. 9. We've only published an updated build of it (#10571) to support more keys in order to match the licensing of Acronis Backup (non-Advanced editions). This means that Acronis Backup for VMware will accept Acronis Backup Server (non-Advanced) keys as well and will treat them as x2-CPU licenses.

FYI: later this year we're planning to synchronize the versions of Acronis Backup for VMware and Acronis Backup Advanced to have them running on the same codebase which will be v.12.

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