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NTFS and Disk errors during backup

Thread needs solution
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I get this issue on several servers by different customers :

Each time a backup (Acronis VM Protect 9) runs on ESXi (5.5) to backup the VMs, we can see some errors and warning messages in WIndows 2008 or 2012 event log.

Those seems to appear when the backup of each VMs start. They appear, no matter if I schedule one single backup of every VMs, or one backup for each VM.

By the first customer, where we have those messages, everything seems to work perfectly, but by another one, each time a backup runs, the server (VM) is no longer availiable the morning after. Si do you guys have those kind of messages in your event logs ?

Thank you very much for your help !


Here are the events :

Event ID 140, Warning, 19 of them

The system couldn't empty the data from the transactions log. Data could be damaged in Volume ID {\\?\Volume{ID}, hardware name : \Device\HarddiskVolume114. (The specified demand is not a valid operation for the target disk.)


Event ID 137, Error (1 of them)

The ressource management of the default transaction on volume \\Volume{volumeID} encountered an error and couldn't start.


Event ID 157 Warning (1 of them)

The disk has been unexpected removed.


Event ID 50, Warning (29 of them)

The delayed write failed Windows couldn't save the data from the file. Data have been lost. This error can be caused by a problem on your hardware or your network connectivity. Try to save the file somewhere else.

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Acronis Program Manager
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Hi Julien,

These messages are related to quiesced snapshot event made during backup. First Acronis Backup for VMware call ESXi host to create a quiesced snapshot of the backed up VM and then reads data from this snapshot to put it into the backup file. See the following VMware KB article which explains the behavior:…

You can confirm the issue by creating a quiesced (with quiesced=on, memory=off parameters) snapshot manually from vSphere client for the affected VMs. If the VM becomes unresponsive after such snapshot then it makes sense to contact VMware for troubleshooting or disable quiescing (… - note however that in this case the VM will be put into backup in crash-consistent state).

Thank you.


Best regards,


Acronis Virtualization Program Manager