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re-generate SSL certificate with correct IP

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Is there a way to re-generate the SSL Self-signed certificate used in the Acronis For VMWare version 9?

The one being used was automatically created with the initial install using a DHCP address before I was permitted to change to a static IP.

Now that I have the static IP, the SSL Certificate is sending errors and cannot be saved correctly.



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Acronis Program Manager
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Hi Rob,

The SSL certificate is stored on Acronis Virtual Appliance in /var/ipcert.pem file. This certificate is recreated upon appliance reboot if missing. Therefore it is sufficient to remote the certificate manually and reboot the appliance. This can be done by opening appliance console in vSphere client and then do the following in its interface:

1) Press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Space+F1, then Alt+F2. This will switch you to command prompt #
2) Issue the following commands:

# rm –rf /var/ipcert.pem
# reboot

You can also first copy the current certificate to be able to rollback if anything goes wrong:

#cp /var/ipcert.pem /var/ipcertbackup.pem

Hope this helps!

Thank you.
Best regards,
Acronis Virtualization Program Manager

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Perfect, thank you.