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Restore SQL Database causes Error message

Thread needs solution
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when trying to restore a SQL Database, I get the error message:

"Es wurden keine MS SQL-Datenbanken in den Recovery-Punkten der gewählten VM erkannt. Stellen Sie sicher, dass die Option 'VMs wählen, die Microsoft Exchange Server, SQL Server, Active Directory, SharePoint ausführen' aktiviert ist, wenn Sie einen Backup-Task für VMs mit dem Microsoft SQL Server erstellen."

which is in english something like: there were no SQL Databases in the recovery points, make sure that application-aware backup is activated..

Well, application-aware backup is activated, I checked that.
It is not a big deal, since I was able to recover the desired SQL databases on file level (*.mdf) and attach them to the SQL Server.

Still, I would like to know what I probably made wrong.

Any ideas?

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Acronis Program Manager
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Hi Hanns,

This message may appear if there was no correct metadata detected in particular recovery point to perform SQL databases recovery. There is no general solution and each such case should be investigated individually with our support team. Please collect the logs _after_ performing an application-aware backup which produces the recovery point from which SQL DBs cannot be recovered: go to View->Show Logs->Save all to file and capture the log file, then contasct our support team for further assistance.

Thank you.
Best regards,
Acronis Virtualization Program Manager